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Systems Service & Support

Computers and networks are becoming increasingly complicated - where can you turn for help? M3 offers fast, friendly, and experienced support - on-site, by telephone, or via remote access.

On-site service is based in the Vancouver, BC Canada metropolitan area. Service is available in other geographic areas if appropriate travel arrangements are made.

Corporate Services

Think of us as your part-time tech support resource. Your company may not be large enough for full-time support staff, or you may have neither the time nor the desire to be a computer expert yourself. There are 3 main areas where companies need support:

We offer complete troubleshooting service. We can diagnose and repair computer hardware problems as well as network switchgear and cabling issues. Worms, viruses and spyware can be identified and eliminated. Networking problems can be addressed. File or data issues with leading business software packages can be fixed.

We can help with ongoing maintenance. Too often, regular maintenance chores are overlooked or skipped. Or, there may be tasks you don't do very often (such as network administration) where you might need some help.

From time to time most companies undertake special projects. We offer help in a full array of project management services: researching options, developing specifications, purchasing, implementation and ongoing support. We work well with third parties and can join at any stage of a project.

We believe in close communication with our clients. Detailed oral and/or written reports are given immediately after work is performed. These are tailored to each client's technological "comfort level". Our long-term clients greatly appreciate this service.

What makes us different?

Home & Home Office

Many homes now have multiple computers, often networked together (sometimes wirelessly), and sharing a high-speed Internet connection plus other devices such as printers. A configuration like this can be just as sophisticated as many small business networks! If your home setup needs service, it's often impractical to disassemble everything and take it to a depot - you need on-site or telephone support. Even if you have just a single computer, you may not want to suffer the time loss and aggravation of disconnecting everything and then reassembling it later.

Sometimes, with the help of a skilled family member or friend, you'll be able to do your own service & support. However, from time to time you may need professional, "corporate-grade" support. That's where we come in. You get the same friendly service enjoyed by our corporate clients (see above), again without the need for a formal service contract. An on-site call can be an educational experience for the whole family! Service calls can be arranged on evenings or weekends if required.

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